Simple Social Solutions For
Easy Classroom Management

Reintroducing Social Skills Lost During the Pandemic

Friendship First


Series of Books & Accompanying Materials

The Friendship First book series uses social stories to teach children how to connect with their feelings and develop healthy and lasting relationships. Reintroducing lost social skills is something ALL kids will need support with as we emerge from the pandemic.

In the classroom, this data-supported resource supports teachers in developing democratic classroom models as it fosters a teacher-facilitated, child-led conversation model. The books and accompanying materials are simple and easy to use. Each book comes with discussion questions, enabling teachers to fully utilize the text.

This data-supported series of books and accompanying materials acts as a social toolkit, focusing on specific skills for common social situations, particularly those skills lost during the pandemic.

Together with simple language, straightforward illustrations, and discussion questions, our books offer children a script and tools for navigating their way independently through social dilemmas, allowing for easier classroom management.

Friendship First
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Friendship First